I love this little guy! It’s an easy and fun pattern to follow and fairly quick due to the minion shape.

To make his arms poseable, I made them as four stitch i-cords and with a pipe cleaner inserted afterwards. For my first minion, I used two pipe cleaners, and the ends of the pipe cleaners go into the body. It was quite fiddly to get the ends into the body after finishing the arms though and they aren’t very stable.

Therefore, for my second one, I used only one pipe cleaner, going through the body and forming both arms. To get the pipe cleaner through the body, I put it through the eye of a large tent making needle and pulled that through.

For the second one I had also learnt from my mistake with the safety eye. It seems the pattern uses a glue-on eye whereas I used a “screw” type safety eye with back plate. For the first one, I had to put the plate behind the piece of felt and then try to press the screw through the weave of his body even with the stuffing in, which made it awkward to do and a bit bulky.

For the second one, I attached the safety eye and felt halfway through the crocheting of his body, so that the plate sits safely on the inside of the weave.

For both, I made a few stitches around the felt with a normal sewing needle and white thread to hold it safe, then attaching the goggle with grey yarn around it.

Pattern by: Rachel Hoe
Link: Ravelry
Pattern price: free
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus DK
Hook: 3.5mm
Completed: September 2, 2016
Status: Both finished, first gathering dust, second commissioned

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