Mini Dolls’ House Bedroom

This has been in the making for quite a while in between crochet projects. It’s a kit bought on Amazon (here), but I’ve taken some of what I like to refer to as “artistic freedom” with it. The kit comes with everything – literally, the only thing missing is glue, because it’s sent from China – but there’s no limit to how you can customise it.

I’ve customised all soft furnishings (except the folded blanket), the lamps, vase, mug as well as wallpaper and floor. The floor and wallpaper are made of craft paper from a £1 store and a craft store respectively. The lamps and mug are spacer and connector beads in Tibetan silver. All soft furnishings are made with simple cotton fabric.

The lighting did work… but when finishing it up, the LEDs seem to have been damaged. They flashed and turned off so sadly I don’t think it’s fixable 🙁

There were also quite a few bits and pieces I ended up not using. It does come with wallpaper, but I found it somewhat badly printed. I also didn’t use most of the accessories.

I have another little dolls’ house lined up – this was so much fun to make!

Probably best to wait a bit until I’ve gotten all of the superglue off my fingertips though…

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