Swearing helps

Other types of crafts are fun too! Like this stabby sort. I usually don’t have patience for cross stitch – or I haven’t had it before – but this was surprisingly fun.

The text is based on the Stitch Warrior font, everything else is mostly my own design. Even though I made the pattern, I managed to not follow it… and I still don’t know how! Once I got to the middle of the wreath – which I did half from the left and half from the right luckily – it didn’t match up with the amount of stitches. So I removed the middle flower to make the two sides match and improvised the blue flower. When redoing the pattern afterwards to match… it still doesn’t and I have no idea why! Am I blind?

Anyway, if you feel like making this, grab the pattern here: Download Cross Stitch Pattern

Use however you like, but please don’t claim as your own 🙂

Oh, and I know it’s not centred in the frame – it’s triggering me too – but that’s not the final frame!

6 thoughts on “Swearing helps”

  1. I am making this now, it’s an awesome pattern! I have done the letter M so far (it’s my first cross stitch).

    I loved your comment about accidentally not following the pattern, I managed to not follow the pattern on the letter M already lol! But it looks good still

    • Thank you Kaitlin, I’m really glad you like it!

      I like to call it artistic freedom when I mess patterns up a bit. It just makes it more special, right? 🙂

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