I got Nikita Gill‘s book Wild Embers for my birthday and I love it. A few of the poems and texts stuck with me; this one in particular. It reminds me that things and people don’t have to be perfect – including me – and sometimes it’s better not to be. That’s definitely something I need to be reminded of every so often.

You can download the pattern here: Glowfall Nikita pattern

I used two strands of floss on 18 ct aida. If you use a higher or lower thread count, you will need to adjust the amount of threads to ensure coverage.

It’s my first time using StitchFiddle so I hope the pattern is clear. I’ve included Anchor colour numbers and the DMC equivalents. There are two versions of the the pattern – one with just symbols, and one with colours and symbols – as well as two sizes of the images. If you print it, you may want to just print the pages you need. I may have overdone it with trying to make it super clear 🙂

I know it doesn’t matter per se with how a stitched piece looks at the back but… I’m kind of obsessive about making it neat, so:

Finally: This design and pattern © Glowfall 2019. Text from Wild Embers © Nikita Gill 2017. Glowfall is not associated with the author and no infringement is intended. Use this pattern as you’d like, but please do not claim as your own. I would encourage not selling your finished work, out of respect of the author or the original poetry.

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