Millie the Chibi Doll

This pattern is awesome! It’s so versatile and your imagination sets the limits. The arms were the hardest part for me as they were a bit fiddly due to the size but I’m really happy with the way this whole project turned out!

The hair is made using this tutorial, by attaching 4 strands at a time in a line on the head, using a leather working needle and sewing thread, then partly attached at the side of the head to make sure no skin tone shows through. I love this rich auburn tone!

The dress is improvised and not a 100% perfect fit but it’s detachable as I plan on making more clothes for her. I’m still not sure if I want to do anything more with the hair or if I should leave it like this.

Pattern by: Jasmin Wang
Link: Ravelry
Pattern price: $5.99
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus DK & Robin Double Knit
Hook: 3.25mm
Completed: October 5, 2016
Status: Finished


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